Experience means less worries and more money in your bank.

Our property management department represents a very significant component of our business, The significant point of difference is the way we have structured our property management department.

Firstly we have focused on mature aged property managers because we have proved that experience is critical to good property management outcomes. All of our property managers have the required registration certificates that compliment the years of experience in the field.

The second and most important point of difference is in our Maintenance Team. Over the last 32 years Trevor Dunsford has gathered together a group of professional tradespeople that cover all aspects of maintenance. Some of these trades have been with him since he purchased the company in May 1987 and they include electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry, tiling, kitchen fabrication, carpet supply, and general maintenance matters. The benefits to our landlords are that maintenance matters are done promptly and properly and the understanding between J&T and the Maintenance Team guarantees a warranty of work done that is unquestioned. It also means that the costs are significantly less based on the long term relationship and the regular flow of work issued by J&T.

Trevor Dunsford offers a service at no cost to the landlord in managing the upgrades of particularly dated units and flats. In order to encourage better quality tenants paying higher rents, landlords are encouraged to upgrade when deemed necessary. These upgrades are managed through the Maintenance Team and the work is not only done in quick time but also at costs that have proven to be up to 50% less than what is normally charged in the market. There are plenty of good reasons to appoint J&T as your Property Manager.

Jackman & Treloar established its property management division in 1956 and continues to set new industry benchmarks for service.

Our all-inclusive property management contract means that we do not charge extra for such things as tribunal attendances and statement fees, management fees on maintenance accounts or routine property inspections.

Our Property Managers are qualified, experienced and mature, each offering over 20 years experience. Maintenance issues are resolved by a team of professionals committed to minimising down-time and disruption. This keeps tenants satisfied while landlords benefit from a higher rate of lease renewals and acceptance of rent reviews.

MD, Trevor Dunsford, also offers day-to-day assistance and oversight on property management matters.